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Arch Investment ICAV IPOs

  • The Mobileye

    Mobileye, an Intel-owned company that makes chips, maps, and software for self-driving cars, has filed for an IPO, according to a prospectus filed with the SEC on Friday.

    Mobileye’s filling indicates strong revenue growth for the Israeli-based subsidiary, from $879 million in sales in 2019, to $967 million in 2020, to $1.39 billion last year. Losses have shrunk from $328 million in 2019 to $75 million last year.

    The move to list Mobileye on the Nasdaq is part of Intel’s broader strategy to turn around its core business. Intel acquired the company for $15.3 billion in 2017 and has announced plans to take Mobileye public this year with a €30 billion euro valuation.

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Many investors are waiting, with great interest, for Stripe's IPO, which Inc.com has ranked among the top 12 most influential startups of the past decade. Today, it caters to thousands of customers worldwide, both small startups and giants, including Lyft, Target, Zoom, Eat, NBC Media Group, and Salesforce.


OpenSea is a game-changing decentralised marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. In August 2021 alone, OpenSea recorded well over $14B in NFT trading volume. Considering it posted just $21 million in volume during all of 2020, it’s safe to say the 12,000% trading activity rise firmly signals success.


The IPO of Starlink is the most anticipated offering that many investors have been waiting for. Starlink is a satellite communications system that includes 4,000 satellites with an expected internet bandwidth of 23 Tbps. The project has been developing in the US for five years, and the total investment exceeds $10B (USD). Elon Musk notes that the total investment in the project will be around $20-30B (USD).

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is a developer and manufacturer of plant-based meat substitutes. All products are founded and developed by the founder, Patrick O. Brown, MD in Biochemistry. He is known as an innovator in the field of genetic mapping.


Discord is an American company that offers users a free messaging service that supports IP telephony and video conferencing. About 56 million people use Discord every month, and its total audience exceeds 270 million users.


Instacart is a renowned online grocery delivery service. Founded back in 2012, it currently works with over 500 retail stores and 40,000 outlets, including such online stores as Publix, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Sprouts. Due to the pandemic, the number of customers increased to 9.6 million in 2020, most of the new customers becoming loyal ones. Walmart, another globally known company, is the main competition of Instacart.


Operator of an online property rental marketplace for short-term stays. The company's web platform enables users in cities around the world to rent out their personal living space to travelers.


Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, usually shortened to Porsche, is a German automobile manufacturer specialising in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans, headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Lyft provides of online taxi and ride sharing services in the United States and is looking to expand into Canada and Mexico in late 2017.


Cloudera delivers the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud.


Developer of a hyperconverged data platform designed to consolidate and manage secondary data at web scale. The company's platform provides distributed storage and consolidates all secondary data and associated management functions on one unified system, enabling enterprises to eliminate mass data fragmentation as well as protect, manage and leverage most important digital asset.

Doci Signr

DocuSign helps small- and medium-sized businesses collect information, automate data workflows, and sign on various devices.

Draft Kings

Manages an online platform for daily fantasy sports (DFS) and sportsbook betting. The company encompasses over a dozen sports with variations of each, including eSports.


Flipkart is an India-based online retailing platform that offers 30 million products cross 70+ categories.

Hotel To Night

HotelTonight is a mobile hotel booking application that allows users to find and reserve same-day hotel rooms from their smartphones.

Impossible Food

Provider of plant-based burgers designed to combine natural ingredients. The company's burgers combines ingredients like fats, amino acids and vitamins to create raw meat from plants that delivers the texture and aroma of conventional beef, enabling consumers to access an alternative to conventional meat and dairy products.


A portable electronic vaporizer device, aimed to replace combustible cigarettes.


Kabam is a mobile gaming company developing free-to-play core games available on mobile devices, the web, and other platforms.


Operates a bike sharing platform designed to create a more efficient micro-mobility infrastructure. The company has recently dipped into electric scooters as another form of micro-mobility transportation.


Nutanix is a virtualized datacenter platform that provides disruptive datacenter infrastructure solutions for implementing enterprise-class.


Palantir Technologies sells software tools for aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing structured and unstructured data from disparate sources.


Pinterest is a social discovery platform where users utilize


Postmates is an on-demand delivery software platform. Unlike nearby competitors, the company carries the capability to deliver goods from anywhere within a city.


Developer of solid state sensors designed to offer smart sensing services for self-driving cars. The company's sensors help in real-time capture and processing of high-definition mapping data, as well as help in object detection, tracking and classification, enabling clients to access sensing systems that benefit from advanced artificial intelligence perception software thereby improving safety and efficiency in industries.

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway (RTR) operates an online platform, mobile application and multiple physical stores to rent designer dresses and accessories to women in the United States.


RockYou is an interactive media company that owns and partners with dozens of game titles across Facebook, web and mobile.


Social Finance, Inc. (SoFi) is a financial services firm offering lending and wealth management services through an innovative online platform.


Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets, spacecraft, and satellites.


Spotify is a commercial music streaming service that provides restricted digital content from a range of record labels and artists.


Sulekha is one of India’s largest and fastest-growing digital business.


Wish is the leading mobile e-commerce platform in North America and Europe and the 6th largest e-commerce company in the world.


Zenefits is an all-in-one Digital HR platform for small and medium businesses.


Zocdoc is the beginning of a better healthcare experience for millions of patients every month.

23 and Me

23andMe is a biotechnology company, providing personal genetic information and analysis boasting the world’s largest genetics research database. 23andMe offers insights into a user’s global ancestry, inherited traits and personal health, using only the user’s saliva.


Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company operating online marketplaces for both international and domestic China trade.


Facebook is an online social networking service that enables its users to connect with friends and family as well as make new connections.


LinkedIn, a professional networking site, allows its members to create business connections, search for jobs, and find potential clients.


Redfin provides real estate search and brokerage services through a combination of real estate web platforms and access to live agents.


Twitter is a global social networking platform that allows its users to send and read 140-character messages known as “tweets.”


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